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[Solved] Is the world today really that much different?


How is the world your teenager is living in different to the one you grew up in? However, we got bored growing up, don't they as well?

What have you found that really makes it hard for you to communicate with your teenagers, because the world has changed...? ❓

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Posted : 10/06/2008 1:20 am
Estimable Member Registered

Man my daughter lives in this digital world! She has a bebo, a facebook and a myspace.......

I'm only just getting to grips with DadTalk !! 😆

I think this digital world has a load of new issues - the same but different......... I have to say its not peadophiles i'm so worried about - its bullying..... My daughter talked to my wife the other day about how two of her friends had fallen out and some of the stuff they said to each other on facebook... Really bad stuff

It worries me.........

Posted : 13/06/2008 3:47 am

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