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[Solved] teenager wants to live with dad

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Teenager has had issues with mother and has decided to move in with me. Ex says teen has been deceiptfull and full of attitude. Teen believes he has been a bit but also doesn't communicate feelings with her as she tends to manipulate/coerce/bully/ overly controlling kids until they give in.
Teen now wants to live with me, what are his legal rights? I suggested to the ex that the teen stay with me for a few days to cool off, but the ex thinks I am under-mining her parenting.

I'm stuck in between doing what I think is best for my teen and the possibility of losing access to the rest of the kids.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Topic starter Posted : 08/10/2013 1:36 am
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Hi there,

It certainly is a tough one! The mother may have a valid point, but I think your suggestion of a cooling off period is a good one. It looks like whatever you do you are going to upset someone though.

I think you've got to ask yourself if she is a good mother, have you had concerns about her parenting in the past, do you think this might be six of one and half a dozen of the other?

You might like to consider Relate as an option, this is their field of expertise. Here's a link

Best of luck

Posted : 09/10/2013 12:12 am
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Thanks Nannyjane,

My main concern was that the teen was upset and needed to get away from a situation that was extremely stressful. It didn't help that she was pulling the "back me up or else", we were suppose to be joint parenting not do as I say parenting.
There are some things i don't agree with in her parenting and bit my lip for too many years, but generally, she is a good mother.
Saying that I have to stand up for my kids and do what is best for them, including protecting them.

We have a mediation meeting coming up which should be interesting.

Topic starter Posted : 09/10/2013 3:13 am

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