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Child arrangements order or specific issue order?

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Just after some advice.


I have separated with my ex wife and we have a 4 year old daughter.

Since the separation my ex has been difficult especially since I now have a new partner. She has on 3 occasions over the last year stopped me from seeing my daughter.. The longest being 50 days purely because I said I wanted my new partner and my daughter to meet after 8 months. 

She now claims our daughter has a dog allergy and has said she is not to enter my house unless I rehome the dog. She will not discuss this issue with me. I have spend thousands battling with solicters but have had no joy. She also doesn't let our daughter to visit friends and family who have dogs.

She made this claim 3 days after finding out me and my partner got a puppy. She then claimed my daughter got licked by a dog, rushed her to hospital claiming she couldn't breath only for the docters to turn around and say she seems fine etc. She will also not allow me to take my daughter for a private allgery test to see if she is allergic to dogs. She refuses. 

She has now made my daughter petrified of dogs.. To the point that when she sees a dog she wants me to pick her up or walk the other way. 

I now have no choice but to apply to get this issue resolved at court as she will not attend mediation or budge from her descion. 

I will be self representing and I am sure as to what order I need to apply for. I am devastated it has come to this but she has left me no choice.


Any help and advice I would be grateful for. Thanks 

Topic starter Posted : 27/06/2021 2:39 pm
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you mentioned using solicitors to battle this out. did they just write letters?

if she will not attend mediation, you should book a MIAM appointment for yourself. mediator will have to give permission for you to apply to court. I have previously used a mediator called mediateuk. you can try them. if your still able to see your child, you could just decide to book an allergy test for her and not mention to your ex. 

you should apply with a c100 form - child arrangement order, to have set arrangements like every other weekend etc. I don't think you should tick box for specific issues. I think you would prefer arrangements to be sorted out broadly, like if you want mid-week contact with child, half of school holidays, being allowed to take child abroad on holiday and so on.

Posted : 27/06/2021 3:45 pm

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Yeah it was just letters back and for when she stopped the contact for 50 days. She wanted me to re home my dog but I refused as I wanted to have an allergy test done.

She is the type that if I have the allgery test behind her back she will stop the contact with my daughter and claim I have some how caused her distress.. She is a very very hard piece of work. 

I am still able to see my child yes but you never know when she will stop the contact.. She picks and chooses really.


Thank you for your advice. I will look to go down the route of child arrangements form. 

Topic starter Posted : 27/06/2021 4:08 pm

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