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Do I keep fighting ?

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I have been going through a long, hard and ugly battle in the courts for visitation with my son who is now nearly 5 years old. The last time I saw him he had just turned 2. My ex has tried everything during the court process to prolong and impede the hearings. Eventually in November last year the judge ruled that all of her accusations against me were unfounded and that I should have visitation with my son. We have now been going through the CAFCASS proceedings which again my ex is trying to delay. I received the report today from my case worker telling me that unfortunately they are going to have to recommend we go down the ICFA route as we haven’t been able to agree any visitation and after visiting my son in nursery he has told the case worker he doesn’t want to see. 

this is the final nail in the coffin for me. What must my ex have been saying about me for my little boy who wouldn’t remember who I am to not want to see me. It is making me question if I should keep fighting the system and my ex. It has been [censored] for me for the last two and a half years but I don’t want to go against something my son doesn’t want ?  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated 

Topic starter Posted : 26/02/2024 8:48 pm
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I know a dad thats been going through the ICFA scheme. it aims to rebuild relationships  between parent and child again. it's been going well for him.

it usually consists of a few contact centre sessions/video calls etc, and the aim is to progress from there on. Your child is still very young and I think it would be a shame to walk away. I think you still have a good chance of improving the relationship with child if you stick to the process.

Posted : 27/02/2024 5:01 pm

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I agree with Bill, at the moment there is a way forward and I think you should take that. If the mother still obstructs, then possibly back to court  - ideally trying to get it in front of that previous judge.

Posted : 02/03/2024 12:31 pm

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