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Does the process start again after DAPP/DVPP

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So the court have decided I need to do a DAPP/DVPP for atleast 6 months and then reapply for a C100.


my question is - when I reapply does everything have to be gone through again like the fact finding etc. can my ex make new claims of domestic abuse from new things she’s made up or will it go from the verdict and we just go from there with the findings of the DAPP etc.

ex also was supposed to let me have a video chat as court ordered but that’s not happened and nor has the letter I’m supposed to receive. however any messages I’ve previously sent asking when my child can video chat have been used as more “abuse” so I’m stuck. I can’t contact ex at all. Do I just have to sit on this until the next time I file C100 and then use it as evidence ex isn’t sticking to court orders?


thanks in advance! 

Topic starter Posted : 04/12/2022 12:39 pm
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If the court ordered contact in the meantime and your ex isn't complying then you can apply to the court to have the order enforced.  Its a form C79.  Keep a note of the times you're tried to get contact and her replies - if any.  I can't be sure about the first part of your question but would imagine you carry on from the verdict.  There will be reports from social services/Cafcass the next time you file the C100.

Posted : 04/12/2022 9:15 pm

how contact centres work

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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