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Ex Wants To Change Daughter's Surname

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Hello Dads,

Today I received a very formally written message on our parenting app from my Ex requesting our 4yr old daughter's surname to be changed (double barrelled) to include Ex's.

Has anyone got experience of this?

Aside from not personally wanting to agree to this (especially after she has made so many false allegations since the split two years ago)..

I don't think it's in our daughter's best interests because if Ex marries (we were unmarried), then Ex will presumably take her husband's name and my daughter not have her mother's name either..

Has anyone successfully fought (or lost) this particular battle?

I have a CAO in place that stipulates EOW and half holidays, so am still very much 'in the picture'.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2024 10:56 pm
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hi,have not experienced this but there's useful info here:,of%20everyone%20with%20Parental%20Responsibility.

Posted : 26/04/2024 7:10 pm
DannyK reacted

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Any luck with finding any more information on this, I am going through exact same thing. Ex changed my son's name at his school and GP without my knowledge, only got to know this when she tried to obtain a new passport where I was required to give a consent for passport to issued. I had even agreed to have her surname added to his name but as a middle name but she still insist on having it as part of his surname. She's now moving with my child to Dubai demanding for the name change, I have of course refused but now she has started proceedings to seek for court's help, had someone from Mediation centre contact me, I don't want my child surname changed but now don't know what to do.

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Posted : 16/05/2024 10:55 am
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@dasman are you ok with her taking your child to live in Dubai? If you have parental responsibility, surely she can’t just go, same for changing child’s name. I’d contact a solicitor.

Posted : 18/05/2024 10:29 am

how contact centres work

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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