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I am not on the the BC for my daughter. The mother refused to put me on the BC and I admit when I found out she was pregnant I said a lot of nasty things to her which I apologised for but she won’t forgive me. 

after my daughter was born we set up an arrangement that I could see her three times a week but I stopped once I knew I wasn’t on the BC. 

I then asked for a DNA test and she agreed we met up with the child but I didn’t bring the kit as I didn’t think she would do it. She said I wasted her time. 

I left it for a few months and made contact. She agreed to see me. 

I told her I have to be on the BC or I’ll take her to court. She proposed that I am consistently in the child’s life for 6 months and she’ll put me on it and pay for it. She said she will even sign a contract to that affect. She offered family mediation and I said no I don’t want people involved. I said either I’m on the BC or I’ll sue her. She told me you’re the one making it difficult I have never stopped you seeing your child you’re the one who refuses but I think she’s trying to control me. 

I told her I want the child to meet my son and she said fine. We agreed a date and time and she showed. I brought up the BC again and she said I have a massive ego because I’m more concerned about being on the BC than being with the child. She is wrong i am nothing to that child without being on the BC. 

where do I stand legally? What should I next? I just want to be on the BC so I can be there for my child. 

Topic starter Posted : 17/12/2023 2:22 pm
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for birth certificate issue you would need to apply to court for a parental responsibility order. can use form C1:





Posted : 17/12/2023 5:56 pm

how contact centres work

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You can be there for your child without being on the birth certificate.  Could you not agree regular times when you can see your daughter and be part of her life?  It does seem as though the mother has been reasonable and tried to make it possible for you to see your daughter.  She is also going to put you on the birth certificate if contact is regular.

Posted : 17/12/2023 6:53 pm

Free online course for separated parents. Click here


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