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Borderline (BPD) wives

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Hi men, it's been a looooooong while since I posted here.

I'm looking for perspectives from other husbands of borderline personality disorder wives.

My wife has never been clinically diag osed but since I stumbled on this definition while researching how to be a better husband I have discovered that the symptoms fit what I've experienced over 10 years with her and knowing her history before we met it seems likely it's a factor in her upbringing (traumatic family life).

I am looking for help dealing with the angry phase and the daily grind of dealing with her unreliability, lack of communication, negativity, etc.

Topic starter Posted : 20/01/2024 10:32 am
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It might be worth looking up Mind ( to see if they can help. 

Posted : 20/01/2024 11:23 am

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