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Ex partner false allegations

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Afternoon all, 

I need some help / guidance. 

recently my ex partner made very serious false allegations against myself - I can assure you they are false and the on duty solicitor said “I’ve not seen such an embarrassing rap sheet in along time” regarding them. On the back of my evidence and the charges the solicitors say I have nothing to worry about. 

so my next stage whilst the police get to the point of no further action which by all accounts can be months and months. is to make a civil claim against her. She’s currently a serving member of the police force. 
any advice or guidance on how to do this? 

I’ve already made a formal complaint to the police for abuse of power. However I plan on funding this civil case myself, at a minimum getting a letter of apology then making it public that a female police officer can get away with this after the relationship failed (reasons I feel at irrelevant - if they were then a charge would stand but the failing of the relationship doesn’t feature in any of the allegations made) and then seeing her ex with another woman so calling the police round hours after that in a fit of bitterness. Despite her being a good police officer (my understanding from her friends), in my view she can’t possibly hold her job after this and attempting to destroy my life, with her job title and mine I eventually want to have my name cleared in civil (as police no further action is neither here nor there) then get it into atleast the local papers to show what men have to deal with. 

after the event despite knowing my innocence I was seriously considering taking my life, I went to the GP for the stress and worry and only last few days once my solicitors have said “as long as your telling the truth you have nothing to worry about” have I managed to get wind back in my sails to defend myself. 

Topic starter Posted : 18/06/2024 1:08 pm
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I suggest you follow this up with your solicitor. Do you have any children with her, if so whats the situation?

Posted : 18/06/2024 4:43 pm
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@bill337 there’s no kids thankfully. 
the solicitors for the criminal don’t do civil cases and it’s actually really hard finding a firm that can do this. I’ve called a good 30 or so and only have 2 positives and currently 1 possible (waiting on partners to decide).

Topic starter Posted : 18/06/2024 5:11 pm

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