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DAPP assessment. Has anyone had one?

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Long story short, been in family court 2 years. Cafcass messing about. I've been ordered to do a DAPP and am awaiting my assessment. I agreed to a number of minor things from fact finding, but there are two things that categorically did not happen. Could I be a accepted if findings have been found but I don't agree to them? Even if I agree to most of them? What is the assessment like? Going crazy waiting. 

Topic starter Posted : 15/10/2021 1:56 pm
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here is some info on the DAPP programme:

I think member daddyup has experience of this. hopefully he can give some input.

Posted : 20/10/2021 11:22 am

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@lovingdad597448 not sure if you have had your assessment as yet, it is usually quite in depth to discuss with you what has happened, the circumstances, your current views and to also go through the programme with you. In relation to the points that you categorically deny, it would all depend on whether they are more or less serious than the ones you admit to. The key is that they are looking to see whether you have any 'insight' into your behaviour, the impact that it will have had on the victims (ex and kids) and that you are positively looking to change and that you convince them that going onto the programme is in your best interests and would help you and the overall situation in relation to your kids etc.

If the points are quite serious and you deny them, then as the programme is group based and you are expected to talk about what you have done in front of the group so that it can be discussed and you can learn from each other then if you deny too much then you may leave them with no choice but to not accept you. 

My advice would be to consider playing it strategically, to lay it on thick and continue to admit what you have done and make them focus on that as the most serious elements whilst leaving the door open to them believing that potentially if you are accepted onto the programme then you may see the error in your ways about some of the other points too. Talking about how you understand the impact your behaviour has had and potentially will have on your kids and ex and that you want the help and support is the best way.


An additional piece of advice is to build good relationships with the course facilitators as they will be writing your interim and final reports (convince them that you have insights and are changing). After the interim report, providing it all goes well and you have a positive report, you can revisit child contact 


Hope this helps, all the best. 

Posted : 22/10/2021 9:11 pm

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