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Hello all, back here again! (please see my previous post from 8 months ago) 

So after what I can only describe as the worst professional conduct I have ever witnessed, the FoF was done and dusted.

Continuing with the absolute shambles of professionalism, CAFCASS seem to have taken this case personally and have pushed for supervised contact to "resume" contact. (I.E CAFCASS need a job and want to be involved heavily to look important.) 

The contact centres are completely fully booked for the foreseeable, and "it is impossible to know when contact could begin." 

I am now in the midst of finding an independent social worker to supervise contact in the community, and put this forward to the judge as an alternative. 


Does anyone have any experience with ISW? Good, bad, ugly? 


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No experience that I can share but hopefully the judge will consider this as an option for you and give clear directions on the matter. 

The judge is likely to ask Cafcass for any other options on facilitating contact in your local area too. 

Sometimes you will just have to wait until a centre has a free space which I know is really not good. 


Best of luck 

Posted : 09/05/2021 12:49 pm
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Thanks for the reply. 

The CAFCASS guardian didn't want to go for it as another professional involved in this case may take away from her pay packet. She a  said contact could start in a few weeks, which I have now confirmed with the contact centre is a lie, as they haven't even received the referral, and they are fully booked til September. I'm guessing she lied because the judge was starting to sway in my favour and she needed to pull any kind of solution out of the bag.

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