Is there such a thing as 'work-life' balance - or put another way, do you 'live to work' or 'work to live'? For men who are in paid work, it is difficult to find a balance between being at work and spending enough time at home. Children do not stay young for long and the time you do have with them is precious - but how do you find that time? How do you balance the demands to work enough in order to provide for all their 'needs' (latest clothes, shoes, mobile phones etc.) and spend time with them - which is more important?

Being a Good Dad and Working

It could be argued that men are programmed to work, yet there is more to life than earning money. These articles will support you in finding your 'balance' and help prioritise your life to ensure both you and your family are getting the very best of you. We also have information that can help with queries such as paternity leave entitlements, workplace rights, such as parental leave and ideas for those forward thinking fathers such as workplace pensions